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  • Grillo Pinot Grigio – Sicily, Italy

    Global Passport Series

    Ready in 6 - 8 weeks

    RELEASE DATE January 2022


    A unique blend of Grillo and Pinot Grigio, this fruit- driven wine is a playful balance between freshness and body. Grillo pronounced GREE-lo, originated in Sicily and is a more robust alternative to Pinot Grigio. It brings more body to this blend along with floral notes and hints of grapefruit. The Pinot Grigio keeps this wine crisp, offering bright acidity along with notes of cantaloupe and sweet pear on the palate.


    Sicily is the southernmost region in Italy and the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea. It is consistently blessed with bright sunshine, warm temperatures, moderate rainfall, and coastal breezes. This classic Mediterranean climate is described by Sicilian wine producers as a magical place to make wine thanks to the unique geography, climate, and cultural influence.


      • Grilled Calamari with preserved lemon and fresh herbs
      • Tomato and watermelon salad
      • Fresh goat cheese